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Adult/Adolescent Substance Abuse Evaluation  

Adult/Adolescent Substance Abuse Evaluations offer insight into the individual’s use of substances.  The Substance Abuse Subtle Screening Inventory (SASSI) is used to assist in determining if the individual has a substance abuse disorder.           


Recovery Coaching

Recovery coaching is becoming an integral part of an individual’s recovery. This is because recovery coaches increase an individual’s chances of staying clean by teaching individuals how to live the life of recovery and use it to their advantage to better themselves.

Benefits of a recovery coach:

  • Encouragement and support as you learn from challenges associated with sobriety and/or life in general.

  • Set goals and monitor progress associated with but not limited to employment, sobriety, housing, sober living leisure activities, etc.

  • Facilitate drug testing  (as contracted)

  • Facilitate 12 step meeting schedule and monitor attendance

  • Facilitate community service

  • Facilitate job search (as needed) and assist with the completion of applications, resume writing and participate in mock interviews.

  • Facilitate reengagement into the community.

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